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Zenex Solar's 'ZENEX PARTNER PROJECTS' initiative has received coverage today in Solar Power Portal.

'The Zenex Partner Project (ZPP) sees the company use its size to guarantee end customer's credit allowing smaller installers to take on bigger jobs......'
Click here to read the full text of the article.

Zenex Partner Projects is an initiative aimed at by-passing credit status and large-project expertise limitations of solar installers, enabling them to access a much bigger scale of business.

DOWNLOAD a 2 page summary of how ZPP works.


The SolarEdge portfolio of products includes power optimizers, highly efficient PV inverters and a web portal for module-level monitoring and fault detection. The SolarEdge system enables harvesting more solar power from any PV system by effectively removing the known system constraints across the photovoltaic energy space.

Check out our SOLAREDGE range


Zenex Solar Sales Director, Liz MacFarlane has taken the opportunity to fill in Minster of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Greg Barker, on Zenex's new Zenex Partner Projects initiative

Aimed at helping medium sized solar installer to access large scale solar projects, which they wouldn't normally be able to cashflow, Zenex Partner Projects is a welcome new tool in the solar business to business sector

Liz reports - 'Discussing Zenex Partner Projects with Greg Barker. He's invited me to come to Whitehall to further the discussion. He wouldn't have a go on our electric bike though!'

Zenex solar are on Stand C10 from 8 to 10 October at the NEC, Birmingham.

Zenex's Liz MacFarlane with Minster of State, Greg Barker Zenex Solar's Liz MacFarlane presses the renewable agenda with Greg Barker, Minister of State at The Department of Energy and Climate Change


The Fronius Galvo is the latest edition to the Fronius range. The Galvo will replace the IG series. The unique feature of this inverter is the WirelessLAN Datalogger, built in so there is no longer a need for a Datalogger Web to connect to the household broadband. It also brings the excellent and free Solar.web service down to the standard domestic install rather than just the commercial customers. The future proof inverter for small self-consumption systems the Fronius Galvo comes with available power categories of 1.5 kW, 2.0 kW, 2.5 kW, 3.0 kW, 3.1 kW.


Future-proof inverter for small self-consumption systems

Small power categories

Integrated energy management

Single phase inverter

Entirely future-proof

Smart Grid Ready due to dynamic and active grid backup

Plug-in card technology allows functions to be retrofitted at a later date

Innovative and communicative

Hinged system for easy installation and maintenance

Integrated Data Manager Card

Ethernet: LAN, WLAN and Webserver optional

Easy system design due to a wide MPP-range (120 - 440V)

Available with the power categories of 1.5 kW, 2.0 kW, 2.5 kW, 3.0 kW, 3.1 kW


Thursday 11th July, Fronius UK, Milton Keynes

This one day course is open to everyone who wants to learn about the Fronius DATCOM range (system monitoring and data communication) in detail.

The course features the following products:

* Datamanager

* Datalogger Web

* Solar.TV

* Solar.Service

* Solar.Access

* Solar.Web App


Fronius Service Partners £59 net

Non Fronius Service Partners £99 net

For more information or to book onto an upcoming course please call Katie on 01908 512301 or email

Please note this course is NOT a prerequisite for becoming a Fronius Service Partner, nor do you need to be one to participate.



The European Union Trade Commission is investigating allegations of predatory pricing - so-called "dumping" - by Chinese suppliers into the European market. Specifically, the Trade Commission are investigating whether sale prices to the European Union are lower than Chinese companies' own domestic pricing.

The investigation follows allegations made by an alliance of European solar manufacturers who have found it difficult to match the recent lower pricing expected by solar customers.

During the course of the investigation, starting from early March, importers of PV panels and components from China cannot be sure whether or not a retrospective duty will be levied, making it difficult to price goods for sale to installers. This has caused an upwards pressure on prices of both Chinese-origin panels and (due to supply and demand) all other panels, meaning that the end-purchaser can expect now to pay more for their PV system.

The risk of retrospective duty is borne by the importers, like Zenex. It is important to understand that there is NO retrospective duty risk for Zenex members.

At Zenex, we do not believe that the dumping allegations are true. The recent steady fall in prices has come in response to pressure from feed in tariff reductions, as the industry works to ensure the end user sees a worthwhile return on their investment. The Commission's actions have a negative effect on everyone in the supply chain from end customer to importer, with the exception of European manufacturers, who represent a small minority within the industry as a whole. Prices will nevertheless be volatile during the investigation process. A provisional indication of duty is expected in early June.

However, to help our trade customers smooth over this period of uncertain/rising prices, Zenex has taken action. In this interim period, we will be working with a third party importer who will be able to offer goods for sale in the Zenex marketplace at the competitive trade prices you'd expect directly from Zenex. For trade members, the purchase experience should be near-seamless, although for a period, it's likely that trade credit may not be available of Chinese panels. (Credit will continue to be available direct from Zenex on non-Chinese brands like LG.)

For more information, Zenex members are encouraged to speak to their account manager.

chinese panel It is estimated that since last year's major revision of the feed in tariff, more than 80% of all panels delivered in the UK are manufactured in China.


Zenex Account Manager Zara Thorn hosted a product awareness workshop onspecifically tailored to suit the needs and skill set of the southern region Plumb Centre staff.

Neil Smith, Business Development Manager and electrical engineer, illuminated his audience a PV system overview, detailing the function and benefit of each system component, answering many delegates' burning questions. Neil delivered this useful grounding using specific examples based around industry-leading modules from JA Solar, supplied by Zenex.

Our first expert guest, Jason McCabe, Technical Engineer at German mounting manufacturer Renusol demonstrated the simplicity & versatility of their mounting range, all without uttering a word of German.

Mia Sylvester, an electrical engineer from Fronius rounded off an information-packed day off with an overview of the unique features of the extensive range of robust and lightweight Fronius inverters carried by Zenex.

Zenex stages product awareness workshops across the country, designed to assist in selling our quality brands but also generally to improve participants' technical knowledge and customer service skills. If you would like to participate, please call us on 01484 475 800 or click here to apply for a Zenex membership.

Many thanks to Renusol and Fronius for their support in running this event.

AudienceJason McCabe


We are delighted to introduce Neil Smith, Zenex's new Account Manager for Midlands, North and Scotland.

Neil has a Construction Industry background working as an Electrical Engineer until becoming interested in renewable technologies around 6 years ago. In 2006 Neil made the jump to renewables, working with a small installer who went on to gain 5 accreditations under MCS for various technologies.

With the advent of feed in tariffs Neil joined a large German PV distributer and really began to learn all about photovoltaics.

Neil joins Zenex Solar directly from that role and will offer Zenex customers an agile and professional service, leaning on his long experience in the industry and thorough technical understanding, combined with Zenex's constant drive to deliver the best prices in the market.

Neil Smith


Zenex are delighted to welcome Swedish-born Zara Thorn to our growing account management team, as Account Manager, South West.

Zara first became interested in renewable technologies as an advertising executive with a global publication focussing on Sustainable Development.

Zara has since developed a successful background in business, including roles as a Divisional Marketing Manager with a fitness and leisure chain, and as an Account Manager for high value accounts with DHL.

As a self-confessed fitness fanatic, Zara has a results-driven drive for achievement which translates into her work. As Zenex strives to exceed customers’ service level expectations, whilst taking a lead on trade pricing, we’re sure that Zara is going to be a great asset for Zenex and a great Account Manager for our customers in the South West.

Neil Smith


Zenex Solar has become JA Solar's distribution partners to bring the solar giant's panels to the UK.

JA are one of the top 3 solar manufacturers in the world, accounting for 6% of all panels installed in continental Europe. As a leading OEM manufacturer, JA's product will be familiar to many; 6% of all branded panels installed in Europe are manufactured by JA.

JA now wish to build a recognisable consumer brand and Zenex are delighted to be able to assist in spreading the word to the UK installer market.

JA panels will be very competitively priced. Prices are available to registered Zenex trade members.

JA Solar